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Rubber Roller Repair Service
Do you have a worn/ damaged rubber roller that needs replacing?  Most of the time the metal component of the roller is still in perfect condition. So why replace the whole roller when all that it requires is for the rubber to be repaired?

Get that worn rubber roller rolling again!

Often a new roller will need to be imported from the OEM, which takes time and can be expensive. RIPE refurbishing rubber rollers service is not only time efficient but also the cost effective alternative. At RIPE Packers we will quickly and efficiently recoat/recover rubber roller ensuring minimal machine down time. The worn rubber is stripped, recovered/recoated with new rubber, cured and finally grinding completes the process.

Why Choose RIPE Packers?

·         Cost effective alternative
·         Fast turn-around times to fit your schedule
·         Wide range of rubber/ elastomers available
·         Manufactured to custom or OEM specifications
·         Small to large diameters 
·         Same day estimate and delivery time! 

We have experience recovering worn printing rollers, packaging rollers, extrusion rollers, hay conditioning rollers, egg rollers, escalator wheels or even revolving door wheels, and the list goes on, we can do the lot.

Phone us or send an email and attach some images of roller/wheel requiring rubber repairs. If you are located in the Perth region we can arrange for one of our experienced technicians to visit on-site.

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