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Grab Packer In Action - Beverley Mine Site

Remove and install well screens easily with RIPE's Grab Packer...

Director John Misson visits Beverley Mine Site!

Grab Packer after a day of screen removals
"Thanks again for visiting site over the weekend mate, both the crews and myself feel a whole lot more confident around the use of the grab packer after your visit, and the added benefit of being able to develop a procedure whilst you were onsite added a great deal more value to having you onsite. The drilling team are very thankful and look forward to further dealings with RIPE."
Tripping in: RIPE's Grab Packer
RIPE's Grab Packer has continued to be a solid performing asset on site with many screens being removed succesfully..

"Just relaying some good news, the crew successfully removed a screen from
our well field last week..The screen was able to be removed and a new screen placed in it's place within a 24hr period which is saving on atleast 1 x 24hr shift, previously wasted in with the carrot tap and drilling of the screen. The lads placed the screen and managed to get 4 LPS yield from the well (I'm stoked).

The onsite consultation has also assisted John to see precisely what the guys are trying to achieve onsite and consequently develop custom designed equipement to meet their requirements.