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Europe 298mm Grout Packer

RIPE have recently deisgned and manufactured a custom sliding end grout packer for use in ground stabilisation  procedures in Europe.Once the packer has been inflated and set at a predetermined pressure and depth, grout may be pumped down the drill rods and though a non-return TAM valve at the base of the packer. For more information regarding grout procedures and applications please see our article on Grouting and Inflatable Packers.

Packer Specifications below:

Diameter: 11 3/4"

Hole Size: 13 3/4"

Max Inflation Pressure: 2500psi

Rubber Length: 1200mm 


  • Sliding end design.
  • Top cross-over thread.
  • Lifting Lugs. 
  • Inflation port and additional deflation port (customer requested).
  • Carbon steel packer construction.
  • Carbon steel running mandrel.
  • Sliding end design allows a replaceable elements to be supplied without replacing the running tools. 
  • Non-return TAM valve at base to facilitate grouting procedures.